Remote patient monitoring

Any Where , Continuous
Replacing dozens of expensive monitoring modalities

Acute Respiratory Failure

Total potential savings to the public of 77% or $176,137 per year perĀ patient

Early detection of sepsis

25% reduction on overall morality $ 2 million in hospital savings on an annual average

RAPHAEL platform, comes-in, when pro-active and preventive-care matters!

ATLASense develops next generation of remote health surveillance, the RAPHAEL platform. It is based on proprietary all-in-one non-invasive continuous remote monitoring end-to-end solution to identify the very first signals of deterioration at 10th of the cost of use compared to any other system.

Respiratory Insufficiency Index (RII)

Currently the standard of care diagnosis methods for ARDS and for respiratory insufficiency, identified by capnograph and a blood saO2 monitor or by intrusive blood tests are all in failure already! Predicts Respiratory Failure 1-3 days before critical event, to avoid the need of COPD COVID-19, and other pulmonary ill patients from being connected to ventilation machine.

Warning on Early signs of Sepsis

Failure to recognize the onset of deterioration that happens very fast (6-12 hours), makes Sepsis the #1 cause of death in hospitals and nursing homes. Granted by the Israeli Innovation authority, collaborating with LAURA (Brazil), our solution is based on a proven AI software, already commercially implemented in over 25 hospitals with results of 25% reduction in mortality and saving each hospital $2M yearly on-average.